Bela Fleck and the Marcus Roberts Trio

Marcus Roberts (piano); Rodney Jordan (bass); Jason Marsalis (drums); Bela Fleck (banjo)


1. Some Roads Lead Home (Bela Fleck)

2. I'm Gonna Tell You This STory One More Time (Marcus Roberts)

3. Across the Imaginary Divide (Bela Fleck)

4. Let Me Show You What to Do (Marcus Roberts)

5. Petunia (Bela Fleck, Marcus Roberts)

6. Topaika (Marcus Roberts)

7. One Blue Truth (Bela Fleck)

8. Let's Go (Marcus Roberts)

9. Kalimba (Bela Fleck)

10. The Sunshine and the Moonlight (Marcus Roberts)

11. That Old Thing (Bela Fleck)

12. That Ragtime Feeling (Marcus Roberts)

Across the Imaginary Divide

  • An unexpected and brilliant collaboration between Marcus Roberts and Bela Fleck.


    Released in 2012. Copyright by Bela Fleck Productions and Marcus Roberts/J-Master Music.