Marcus Roberts Nonet

Marcus Roberts (piano); Rodney Jordan (bass); Jason Marsalis (drums); Marcus Printup (trumpet); Alphonso Horne (trumpet); Ron Westray (trombone); Stephen Riley (tenor saxophone); Ricardo Pascal (tenor saxophone); Wess Anderson (alto saxophone, sopranino).


1. The Governor

2. Mysterious Interlude

3. E. Dankworth

4. Spiritual Awakening

5. Nebuchadnezzar

6. Deep in the Shed

7. Athanatos Rythmos

Deep in the Shed: A Blues Suite

  • Roberts brings his remarkable trio (with Jason Marsalis and Rodney Jordan) together with old friends (Marcus Printup, Ron Westray, Stephen Riley, Wess Anderson) and two very talented young musicians—Alphonso Horne and Ricardo Pascal. Those of you who are long-time Marcus Roberts fans will recognize the title of this suite from his 1990 recording "Deep in the Shed". This new version of "Deep in the Shed: A Blues Suite" is totally re-imagined and adds a new final track—'Athanatos Rythmos'.